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Diverse seas to choose from, Check out our seafood products


Pick your fish from our wide selection of top quality fish: Hamour, fish steaks and many


 Find out more about our selective collection of Molluscs: cuttlefishes, squids and mussels 


Discover our freshest and finest selection of crustaceans : shrimps, lobsters and more 

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Seafood products

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We are well equipped to meet the ever-growing global demand for best quality seafood. We export, and we explore the world to bring the finest seafood. While we ensure that we maintain high standards of quality and safety requirements for our customers.

Saudi Market

We passionately believe in building and maintaining a strong relationship with our clients by sourcing our raw materials and products responsibly and ensuring that we inspire the menus of many caterers and restaurants.


We developed Kilo Samak platform that offers a convenient shopping experience where you can order fresh fish online, beside shrimps and seafood varieties delivered fast to your home just with the click of a button.

Why Alkhazar


If you’re looking for the best fresh shrimp, fresh fish, or crustaceans, you always can count on Alkhazar to deliver complete supply solutions to meet  wholesale retails or seafood restaurants.

Quality Control

Alkhazar factory is ranked amongst the best in the region and is designed to meet the USFDA and EU standards. We strive to define and simplify processes to the highest level of service to our customers.


We are committed to quality, freshness and sustainability to ensure our customers receive the best seafood available.


The sea has given us many treasures, more than 150 various options of seafood to choose from. We offer different species of fresh fishes, fresh shrimps and crustaceans.


We know what it takes to make it special. Whether you are looking for valuable products for your seafood counter or adding more to your foodservice or restaurant menu, we have what you need in the way you need it.


Starting from the best production line, along with safe packaging, all the way to our refrigerated delivery vans and trucks .

” The way we SEA food, 

the feeling we taste SEA! “

We live by the sea

The factory is strategically located in a place near to the local fish market. The site for the factory was selected keeping in mind the ease of raw material movement from market ensuring minimal damage or quality deterioration during transportation.

In addition to the nearby central fish market, we have accessibility to all transportation mediums which allows us to have the optimum movement of goods by air, sea and land.

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