About us

Al-Khazar Fisheries Factory is a leading Seafood processor and importer located in the Eastern Province of Saudi Arabia, close to Qatif Fish Market, the biggest Raw Material resources in Middle East. The Factory has set the highest standards in quality among the seafood industry in the Kingdom. Known for its leadership and commitment to providing quality seafood, Al Khazar has obtained recognition in national and international market.

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The factory is a part of the prestigious Kafeir group, one of the leading and diversified business groups in the Kingdom with a tradition of 70 years.  It is an inherited family business which incorporates local and International trading, processing, Imports and Exports of fresh as well as frozen seafood.

Raw materials are received after thorough quality screening (Primary Screening) by well experienced staff led by a team of professionally qualified Quality Controllers. Received materials are then graded as per their size and are screened for the quality (Secondary Screening). Only the best quality materials go forward for further processing. The factory has an in-house Flake ice maker with a production capacity of 30 tons/day, which ensures sufficient supply of quality ice round the clock. Final inspection for any quality deterioration is conducted during (Tertiary Screening). 
 Everyday, 40 tons of raw material is frozen  using state of the art freezers which help in preserving the quality and freshness of the products by freezing them at a temperature as low as -40 ͒C.

An efficient cold Storage system plays a central role in preserving the quality of the products till it reaches the end consumer. We have two major cold storage facilities with a combined capacity of 10,000 MT in Qatif. In addition to this we have cold storage units in each operational area such as Riyadh and Jeddah with 300 and 500 MT capacities respectively. This chain of owned and rented cold storage facilities throughout the Kingdom with a collective capacity of 15,000 metric tons acting as the backbone of our supply chain. This is the main reason behind our success in becoming the most reliable seafood supplier in the region in terms of quantity and on-time delivery.

Quality is our Motto

We understand that the health and safety of our valued customers is a top priority. So we have designed, manufactured and installed our production line to confirm with the essential requirements set in forth the EU directives and SFDA regulations

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Our Vision​

To be the most sought after Seafood Company in GCC region among Customers and Employees, while maintaining a highly professional environment in the field.

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Our Mission​

To achieve and maintain Leadership in producing Best Quality Seafood. Also to work towards being the Best in respect of Quality. We are committed to build Strong Business Relationships through the core values of Honesty, Integrity, Customer Satisfaction and Care for our Employees.

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Our adherence to the policy of achieving customer satisfaction through compliance to local and global standards is evident by the globally accepted certifications we earned, such as ISO 9001 since 2008 ISO 22000 since 2008.

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